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Digital marketing can be very challenging, but it is a great way for businesses to get visibility, show consumers who they are and what services or goods they provide. Businesses should not be afraid to try out new technologies and tools to grow. Adding a personal touch to marketing is an excellent way to set your business apart from your competitors.

As technology changes, digital trends also change at a rapid pace. New avenues, like influencer marketing and social media marketing, have become predominant trends in the digital marketing industry. It can sometimes be difficult for marketers to choose what trends could work best for their business. To keep up in the competition, you must stand out from the crowd and be sure to add your unique touch to digital marketing.

Artificial intelligence has made its mark throughout many trends, but one that is commonly used is chatbots. Businesses that are oversaturated with customer service questions and problems have turned to chatbots as the answer. The most appealing thing about this technology is that consumers can get help 24/7, but the downside is their effectiveness. Talking to an automated computer can leave people without answers and frustrated. Businesses should consider digital customer service options that are operated by actual humans. Rather than picking up the phone and having to wait on hold, consumers should be able to chat with an individual in real-time to create a more human, intimate interaction. 

When scrolling through social media sites, it’s very common to see the same old advertisements from multiple companies just with different slogans and deals. A study showed that 63% of consumers are annoyed by generic advertising, and 80% of them are more likely to go with a business that offers personalised experiences. However, when people receive an personalised email, the message becomes more intimate. As a small business, you likely have strong relationships with your customers. Still, as your business grows, it is essential to diligently use that personalisation when it comes to content, emails, and even products.